How to Look Up an LLC in Kansas? (The MOST Effective Way)

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Last updated: August 29, 2023
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One of several steps in establishing a limited liability company is to conduct a Kansas Business Entity Search to see if your preferred LLC name is available.

Since I've been assisting clients regarding limited liability companies, I conducted extensive research on the different methods you could look up business entities in Kansas.

I consulted with our lawyers and legal advisors to provide all the information you need, and tips on ensuring your search is as accurate as possible.

Quick Summary

  • To look up an LLC in Kansas, visit the Business Entity Search Station (BESS) available on the state’s website.
  • You may employ the company name, business ID or registered agent to look up a Kansas LLC.
  • The available information includes the entity name, date of formation, business status, company address and registered agent.

How Do I Look Up an LLC in Kansas?

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To look up an LLC in Kansas, conduct a business entity search using the LLC name since it is the most effective way.

Follow these steps for a methodical search:

  1. Visit the Kansas Business Entity Search website, also known as the "Business Entity Search Station”. It provides a convenient online tool that allows you to search their business entity database [1].
  2. Access the business entity database, which contains information on corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, and other registered business entities operating in Kansas.
  3. On the homepage of the website, locate the search box.
  4. Enter the name of the business you want to search for, including any relevant keywords such as "LLC" or "Inc."
  5. Click the "Search" button to initiate the search process.
  6. Review the search results that match your search criteria.
  7. If the desired business is listed, click on its name to view detailed information.

By following these comprehensive steps, you can effectively perform a thorough search for an LLC in Kansas using the official Kansas Business Entity Search website.

Kansas Search Option

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If you are still having trouble finding the business you are looking for, the Kansas Secretary of State provides a Kansas business search option that allows you to narrow down your results.

It's a good alternative if you want more availability search options beyond the Business Entity Search Station.

1. Search by business entity name

The "Business Name" option is the most commonly used in Kansas business name searches and will likely be the only information you need. However, if you have difficulty finding a business using this method, you can try one of the other options.

2. Search by business entity ID number

The "Entity Number" is a unique identifier assigned to each business entity by the Kansas Secretary of State's office. This option can be useful if you know the entity number but not the business name.

3. Search by a resident agent's full name

The "Registered Agent Name" is the name of the individual or business that has been appointed to receive official correspondence on behalf of the limited liability company.

This can also be helpful if you know the name of the person or company acting as the registered agent in Kansas but not the business name.

Information for Kansas LLC Lookup

The information for the Kansas LLC lookup will include the following:

This information can help determine whether or not a business is currently active. If the business was formed recently, it is more likely to be active than a business formed many years ago.

You can also use the registered agent information to contact the business directly. The registered office address can be used to send official correspondence, such as legal notices.

Performing a Name Availability Search in Kansas LLC

It is important to look up an LLC in Kansas and ensure the business entity name you want to use for your limited liability company is available before registering your Kansas LLC.

To search for a name in Kansas, you can conduct a name availability search and go to the Kansas Business Center website and click on the "Name Availability" link. This will bring you to a page where you can type in the proposed business name.

If the name you want to use is available, it will be listed as "Available." If the name is already taken, it will be listed as "Not Available." You can also view information about similar names that are not taken.

Once you have found an available name through the LLC availability search, you can proceed with registering your Kansas LLC name.

Learn how to change an LLC name in Kansas if you need to.

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Kansas Naming Guidelines For LLCs

Kansas naming guidelines for LLCs must be followed for your entity name to be registered.

  • State laws require the words ‘Limited Liability Company’ at the end of the Kansas LLC name. It may be abbreviated as ‘L.L.C’ or just ‘LLC’.
  • Additional paperwork is required for the use of words like ‘University’, ‘Attorney’ and ‘Bank’ in the Kansas LLC name.
  • Words like ‘FBI’, ‘Treasury’ or ‘Secret Service’ are prohibited in the Kansas LLC name. This is to avoid confusion with government agencies.
  • The words ‘Company’, ‘Institute’ and ‘Trust’ can be used with your Kansas LLC name for a fee of $35.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that your desired Kansas LLC name is available, there is a 120-day reservation period before other entities may claim the title.
  • The Kansas Guidelines & Restrictions page contains complete information about these regulations.


Does a Kansas LLC Need a Business Bank Account?

A Kansas LLC needs a business bank account for cash transactions between clients, employees and other businesses. Having a separate account for your business will protect your personal assets.

Does an LLC in Kansas Need a Business License?

An LLC in Kansas does not need a business license to operate, but some entities may be required to obtain state-level occupational licenses or municipal-level permits.

Kansas LLC Lookup

There are several ways to search for an available LLC name in Kansas. You can search for an entity based on the information that is available to you.

You may look up an LLC using the entity name, business ID or registered agent’s name.

Now you know how to look up a limited liability company in Kansas. This process is simple and can be done entirely online. Once you have gathered the necessary information, you can proceed with starting an LLC in Kansas.



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