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Corporations usually have registered agents that act on their behalf to receive notices and other legal documents.

They have to make clear who is the registered agent representing them, which means you stand a good chance of finding them.

As a legal expert, I will reveal the steps you should take to find a corporation's registered agent.

Quick Summary

  • You can find the registered agent of a corporation by visiting the Secretary of State's office or checking out the state's online business search.
  • The law mandates that registered agents must be part of the registration process for a new business in a state.
  • Once you have gotten a registered agent for your corporation, it becomes easier to grow and expand your business across different states.

How To Find The Registered Agent Of A Corporation

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These are the steps you should take to find the registered agent of a corporation:

Contact The State Office

All businesses are required by law to register with the state’s business filing office before they can begin operating within that state.

If you have an idea of the state where the corporation was registered, head on over to the state office and inquire the Secretary of State about the corporation’s registered agent.

You can also check their website, as they will usually include this information there.

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You can find the registered agent information and the corporation it represents if it is registered in a state that has an online business entity search.

If the state has, go on to the Secretary of State’s website and look out for tabs like "business entities" or "search business entities."

Once you have gotten to this point, simply search for the company's exact name to avoid confusion.

Once it pops up, you will find its public information and documents.

Make sure you find the corporation’s articles of organisation, or articles of incorporation, as this is where you will find their registered agent’s information.

Who Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a legal expert or firm that handles all legal correspondence on behalf of a business entity or corporation. 

To become a registered agent, you will need to satisfy the requirements in your chosen state and accept appointments from businesses and corporations.

Why Do Corporations Need a Registered Agent?

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Corporations need a registered agent because it is required by law in most states that they have one.

This is because this agent will serve as a means of contact between the government and the company itself.

Also, this registered agent will represent the corporation when other individuals or companies try to get in touch.

For example, in cases where an individual or a company files a lawsuit against the corporation, it is the role of the registered agent to receive legal notice on behalf of the corporation.

You should also know that for every state your business operates in, there must be a registered agent there, and the government must have the physical address of the registered agent [1].

What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Registered Agent?

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The requirements for becoming a registered agent are quite simple and include the following:

  • The registered agent must reside in the state where your company is registered.
  • The registered agent must have a physical address where legal documents can be delivered.
  • The registered agent must be at least 18 years old.
  • The registered agent must abide by all state-specific laws and guidelines to be classified as one.
  • The registered agent must be available to receive mail and sign official documents during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Why You Would Need To Find The Registered Agent Of A Corporation

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You would need to find a registered agent of a corporation in cases where you have difficulties reaching out to the corporation directly.

When you want to serve a legal notice or service of process to this corporation, a process server has to know the corporation's registered agent so that they can deliver your legal information to them.

A process server serves legal correspondence to a corporation involved in a court case [2].


Must My Corporation’s Address Be The Same As My Registered Agent’s Address?

No, your corporation’s address must not be the same as your registered agent’s address. The address of your own registered agent should also be in a physical location.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Registered Agent?

It costs between $100 and $300 to hire a registered agent. However, this depends on the individual or company and the services offered.

Can I Become My Company’s Registered Agent?

Yes, you can become your company’s registered agent. However, it is better to hire a third party so that you can manage your business much better.

What Is the Role Of A Registered Agent?

The role of a registered agent is to serve as an intermediary between your corporation and the outside world. They help receive legal correspondence from individuals, organisations, and the government on behalf of your corporation.

Get a Registered Agent for Your Corporation Today

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