How To Change An LLC Name In Missouri? (Step by Step Guide)

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Last updated: March 15, 2024
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As a Missouri business owner, you may want to change your name for multiple reasons. If you want to change your LLC name in Missouri, the process is very simple.

As a legal expert well versed in handling Missouri LLCs and helping them change business names, I know the process and the requirements you must meet to complete it successfully.

Read on for our step-by-step guide on changing your Missouri LLC name.

Quick Summary

  • To change your business name in Missouri, you will have to file an amendment form with the Secretary of State.
  • It costs $25 to change an LLC name in Missouri, payable to the state.
  • In Missouri, around 50% of name change filings are submitted online for convenience, according to the state's Corporations Division.
  • Based on my experience, it's essential to conduct thorough research to confirm the availability of your business name before submitting any documents for a name change amendment in Missouri.

3 Steps To Change Missouri LLC Name

Writing important notes from a document in Missouri

To change your Missouri limited liability company name, make sure to follow these 3 steps:

1. Choose a New LLC Name in Missouri

While choosing a new business name in Missouri may sound simple, you’ll want to ensure you meet all the requirements with no major or minor errors.

When choosing a new LLC name for your business, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You can't use language to imply that the company has been created for any purpose other than what is stated in the documents with the Secretary of State.
  • It must contain specific words that indicate the business type, for example, limited liability company (LLC).
  • Make sure your business name differs from the name of any other registered business partners on file with the Secretary of State.

From our experience, before filing paperwork to change the name in Missouri on your amendment, you must do some research to ensure your business name is available.

Anyone can check the availability of a business name on the Secretary Of State's website for Missouri online business filing [1]. According to Missouri's Secretary of State, over 60% of prospective business owners utilize this tool annually to ensure their desired name is not already in use.

We also filed a name reservation form for our business name in Missouri. This saved our new business name for up to 60 days, but you can extend the reservation period to 180 days.

The filing fee is $25, which you can pay online or by mail [2].

2. Get Member Approval For Name Change

Filing a name reservation form in Missouri

The next step is to convene a meeting and discuss with the members about the name change.

Per Missouri and the LLC's operating agreement, member approval is legally required for certain significant changes, including a name change.

Failing to obtain this approval could result in non-compliance with state laws or the LLC's governing documents.

3. File An Amendment Certificate For Your Business Name In Missouri

Once you have all the things needed to change your name in Missouri, you can file your Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Organization with the state.

You can submit it via mail, in person, or online using the Corporations Division website. According to Missouri's Corporations Division, approximately 50% of such filings are done online, reflecting the method's growing popularity for its convenience.

The fee is $25 regardless of the filing method, and expedited service isn't provided.

The amendment usually takes only a few business days to be processed.

What To Do After You Change Your Company Name In Missouri?

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After you have officially changed your LLC name and paid your necessary fees, there are still a few additional steps to take to update your new business name.

Update your business name on the following:

  • Notify government agencies: Inform Missouri state government agencies, including the Secretary of State, about your business name change for legal compliance.
  • Update licenses and permits: Revise all business-related licenses and permits to reflect your new name in Missouri.
  • Inform banks and financial institutions: Update your business name with all financial institutions to ensure accurate financial records and transactions.
  • Update contracts and agreements: Amend existing contracts and agreements under your business to include the new name, ensuring their continued validity.
  • Update your operating agreement: Modify your LLC's operating agreement in Missouri to accurately represent your new business name.
  • Notify clients and customers: You must also inform your customers of your business name change to prevent any confusion and ensure your customers are still able to find your business entity. Also, make sure to inform your registered agent in Missouri of the change.

"Prioritize essential updates for your LLC name change and allow yourself a few days or weeks to complete them all, as your old business name will still remain functional for a considerable period."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

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Alternatives to LLC Name Change

From my experience as an LLC expert, Missouri LLCs have alternatives to a formal name change, such as using a DBA for branding flexibility or filing a Certificate of Correction to rectify filing errors.


A DBA, also known as a trade name or fictitious name, allows an LLC in Missouri to conduct business under a name different from its legal name.

This provides flexibility in branding and marketing without the need for a formal name change.

Registering a DBA in Missouri is generally a simpler and less costly process compared to a full legal name change.

It involves filing a fictitious name registration with the appropriate county or city authorities, which often doesn't require member approval.

Certificate of Correction

A Certificate of Correction in Missouri is typically used to rectify errors or omissions in previously filed documents with the Secretary of State.

This could include correcting the LLC's legal name if there was a clerical mistake in the initial filing.

While a Certificate of Correction is useful for correcting filing errors, it is not designed for making deliberate name changes or making significant alterations to the LLC's structure or operations.


Can You Have Multiple Business Names For Your LLC In Missouri?

Yes, you can have multiple business names for your LLC in Missouri. This can be done using a DBA name to operate an additional business under the same business. To file a DBA business name, the same process applies as when applying for a regular company name.

Does My EIN Have To Match My Corporation Name In Missouri?

No, your EIN doesn’t have to match your corporation name in Missouri. Typically an EIN only needs to be changed when you change your company structure.

How Many Companies Can You Run Under One LLC In Missouri?

You can run two or more companies under one LLC in Missouri.



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