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The name you choose as a business owner will impact its success immensely, and if you are not satisfied with your Indiana limited liability company name, you can easily change it.

Your LLC name defines your brand and makes you recognizable, so if you didn't choose a name that represents your expertise the best, you might want to make a change.

As a legal expert who has helped thousands of companies in the LLC industry, I will help you change your Indiana LLC name step by step.

Quick Summary

  • You can change an LLC name in Indiana by choosing a new name and filing a name reservation form and the articles of amendment with the Indiana Secretary of State.
  • Indiana has no expedited option for changing an LLC name, so you can only do paper or online filing.
  • You must contact the relevant authorities in Indiana to inform them about your new LLC name so they can update your records.

Three Steps To Change An LLC Name in Indiana

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To change an LLC name in Indiana, these are the three steps you need to take:

1. Choose A New Indiana LLC Name

You must choose a new Indiana LLC name that does not belong to a business contact information on the Indiana Secretary of State records.

You can contact the Indiana name availability line at (317) 232-6576 or do a name availability check via their website at to confirm this [1].

Remember that the new name must satisfy the general name requirements before you can use it.

For example, it must have the LLC tag at the end of the name, and the name must not suggest or be associated with the terms of federal or state government bodies.

2. File A Name Reservation Form

Once you have confirmed that the new LLC name is available, you can apply to reserve the name for 120 days for your Indiana business by paying a $20 fee or filing documents to organize your LLC under that name.

3. File The Indiana Articles Of Amendment

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Indiana state government requires you to file the Articles of Amendment by paying a filing fee of $30 so you can change the LLC name.

The payment can be made through the Indiana Access portal called "Inbiz." [2]

Indiana does not have an option for expedited service, and the $30 filing fee applies to online filings, while paper filings cost $20.

Indiana Articles of Amendment will take 3-5 business days to be processed if you file by paper and 24 hours if you submit online.

Once you reach the portal, log in to your Inbiz account or create one by clicking "Sign up now."

Once you are logged in, select "Business amendment" under the online services tab.

Enter your entity's name in the search box and choose your limited liability company from the search results.

Click "Next" and complete the online Indiana amendment.

Submit it to the business address or mailing address of the Indiana Secretary of State's Business Services Division.

What To Do After You Change Your Indiana LLC Name

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After you change your Indiana LLC name, you will have to take these steps:

  • Make Changes to Your LLC Operating Agreement: You must modify your LLC operating agreement to incorporate the new business name.
  • Get in Touch With Your Bank: You must contact your bank to see if you need a new bank account.
  • Check Your Business Licence and Permits: You must contact Indiana's relevant authorities to see if you need to update your business license, permits, and other legal documents or get new ones with the new LLC name.
  • Find Out If You Need to Get a New EIN: You can check out the IRS guide to see if you need to reapply for a new EIN.
  • Inform the IRS: You should inform the IRS in Indiana of your new LLC name. You can submit a copy of the articles of amendment along with a name-change letter to update your new name in your records kept with them.
  • Make Changes on Every Other Indiana Business Resources: Once your new name is in use, make changes to every other relevant business resource, such as the Articles of Organization, legal documents, and website with an old business name.


How Much Does It Cost To Change An LLC Name In Indiana?

It costs $30 for online filing and $20 for paper filing to change an LLC name in Indiana. These fees are for the Articles of Amendment that you need to effect the change of your Indiana business name.

Will Changing My LLC Name In Indiana As A Business Owner Affect My Registered Agent?

No, changing your LLC name in Indiana as a business owner will not affect your registered agent. You can still use the same registered agent you were using before the name change.

Must I Notify the IRS If I Changed My LLC Name in Indiana?

You must notify the IRS if you changed your LLC name in Indiana. You must provide a signed notification from your LLC owner informing the IRS about the new Indiana business name.

Do I Have to Get a New EIN If I Get a New Indiana LLC Name?

You do not have to get a new EIN if you have a new Indiana LLC name. However, it would be best to verify from the IRS guide that you do not need to provide any information.

Do You Need Help Changing Your Indiana LLC Name?

Changing an LLC name in Indiana is not complicated, but you need to make sure to follow the steps thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

In case you want to go through this process stress-free, you can always contact Inc File for assistance.

Their team will guide you through every step of the process and help you change your business name efficiently.



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