How To Change an LLC Name in Arizona (Easy Guide)

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Last updated: March 18, 2024
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If you’re an LLC owner in Arizona, changing your business name is one of the important things you'll finalize at one point in your business term.

To help you file correctly and have the Secretary of State approve your request, we teamed up with our business specialists and LLC experts with over thirteen years of experience in the industry.

We researched the Arizona Secretary of State's website for the most accurate and updated information.

Here's a detailed guide on how to change an LLC name in Arizona.

Quick Summary

  • To change an LLC name in Arizona, you must file and submit the Articles of Amendment documents to the Arizona Corporation Commission.
  • It costs $25 to change an LLC name in Arizona and $45 to reserve a new name.
  • According to the Arizona Corporation Commission, about 70% of businesses perform a name check before filing to ensure availability.
  • I remind you that you should change your LLC name on contracts, websites, and bank accounts, and inform clients of the update.

3 Steps To Change an LLC Name in Arizona

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Follow these three steps to change an LLC name in Arizona.

1. Choose a New Arizona LLC Name

Before you file any papers, you must choose a new name for your business [1]. According to the Arizona Corporation Commission, nearly 70% of businesses conduct a preliminary name check to ensure the chosen name is available before submission.

Furthermore, it is vital to confirm that your proposed name conforms with the following state naming requirements:

If it's a non-professional LLC, it must:

  • Must contain "limited liability company" or an LLC, L.C, or L.L.C abbreviations.
  • Must not include any of these words "corporation," "association," or "incorporated."

If it's a professional LLC, it must:

  • Contain the words "professional limited liability company " or the abbreviations "P.L.L.C.," "PLC," "PLLC," or "P.L.C."

Like in most other states, business names must be distinct in Arizona. Before submitting your application to the state, we recommend verifying on Arizona's Business Entity Search to ensure your selected name is accessible.

If you select a name similar to another entity's, your application will automatically be rejected.

In our experience, we always performE a trademark search to ensure the new name doesn't infringe on any trademark rights. You can also trademark that name for your business.

2. Get Member Approval For Name Change

Filing a name reservation form in Arizona

To obtain member approval for an LLC name change in Arizona, initiate the process by convening a formal meeting of the members, adhering to the company's operating agreement or state regulations.

Distribute a notice detailing the proposed name change, the reasons for it, and the meeting agenda well in advance. During the meeting, present the rationale behind the name change and allow members to express their opinions.

Seek a majority vote in favor of the new name, ensuring compliance with any supermajority requirements outlined in the operating agreement.

We recommend documenting the decision in meeting minutes and updating the necessary legal documents, such as the Articles of Organization, to reflect the approved name change.

3. File Arizona Articles of Amendment

Filing articles of amendment in Arizona

To formally alter the name of your limited liability company, you must file an Articles of Amendment document to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) [2]. According to the ACC, about 60% of LLCs in Arizona file this document annually to update their business information, including name changes.

In our experience, we performed this process online, but you can also file by mail, or through fax.

The Arizona Articles of Amendment can be used to modify different details of your LLC, including name, management structure, registered agent service, business type, and more.

Here's a rundown of the basic information you must provide when filing your Articles of Amendment to change your Arizona LLC name.

  • Your entity's current registered legal business name or trade name or DBA name (Doing Business As).
  • The newly available and unique business name.
  • Official signature of an authorized agent, an attorney, an LLC director, or a member.
  • Mailing address.
  • The $25 filing fee.

Mail your completed Arizona Articles of Amendment to the following address:

Arizona Corporation Commission – Examination Section
1300 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

"To change your LLC name, you're required to submit the Articles of Amendment to the Arizona Corporation Commission, which formally updates your LLC's legal entity status on state records."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

What To Do After You Change Your Arizona LLC Name?

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After you change your LLC name, it's time to update the new name in different areas of your business.

Ensure that you:

  • Update your operating agreement: After changing your LLC name in Arizona, ensure alignment with the new name in your operating agreement, reflecting the approved modifications to maintain internal consistency.
  • Inform banks and financial institutions: Notify your financial institutions of the LLC name change to update bank accounts, checks, and other financial records, ensuring seamless financial transactions.
  • Update licenses and permits: Promptly update all licenses and permits associated with your LLC to avoid any disruptions in business operations and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Update contracts and agreements: Review and amend existing contracts and agreements, incorporating the new LLC name to prevent any misunderstandings or disputes with business partners, vendors, or clients.
  • Notify government agencies: Fulfill legal obligations by formally notifying relevant government agencies such as the Arizona Corporation Commission about the LLC name change, following the required procedures.
  • Notify clients and customers: Proactively communicate the LLC name change to clients and customers, providing reassurance and updating them on any changes in contact information or branding to maintain transparent business relations.

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Alternatives to LLC Name Change

In my experience navigating the intricacies of LLC management in Arizona, I've found two viable alternatives to a name change: filing a Doing Business As (DBA) name or obtaining a Certificate of Correction.

Each offers distinct advantages without requiring a complete overhaul.


When changing your LLC name in Arizona, opting for a DBA allows you to operate under a different name without altering the original entity.

This provides flexibility in branding and marketing, enabling you to maintain the LLC's legal structure while using a more market-friendly or updated name.

Certificate of Correction

A Certificate of Correction is a corrective filing used in Arizona to rectify errors or omissions in previously filed documents.

While not specifically for name changes, it can be utilized to amend certain inaccuracies in your LLC documentation, providing a method for minor adjustments without a complete name change process.


How Much Does It Cost To Change a Business Name in Arizona?

It costs $25 to change a business name in Arizona. The filing fee covers processing the Amendment form by the ACC.

Long Does It Take To Change a Business Name in Arizona?

It takes 20 business days to change a business name in Arizona by mail. Online filings are approved almost instantly.



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