How To Change a Registered Agent In Indiana? (Full Guide)

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Last updated: April 4, 2024
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As an Indiana business owner, it's crucial to understand the process if you need to switch your registered agent.

This involves informing your current agent, submitting the necessary documents to the Indiana Secretary of State, and selecting a new agent.

After years of experience in the industry, we have gathered all the necessary steps and information to change your registered agent in Indiana efficiently.

Quick Summary

  • To change your Indiana registered agent, you must notify your current agent, choose a new agent, and file the required paperwork with the Indiana Secretary of State.
  • To update your registered agent in Indiana, you can use a professional registered agent service or complete the process online or by mail.
  • Given that 19.6% of businesses in Indiana fail within the first year, selecting a competent registered agent becomes even more critical to ensure that your business does not fall into common pitfalls related to legal or state compliance issues.
  • In my opinion, the process of changing your registered agent in Indiana is a valuable opportunity to reassess and strengthen your business's legal foundation.

How To Change A Registered Agent In Indiana?

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To change a registered agent in Indiana, you must follow a specific process. First, you must notify your current LLC registered agent in writing of the change.

After that, you must choose a new registered agent who meets the criteria set by the Indiana Secretary of State.

Once you have selected a new registered agent, you must file a Change of Registered Agent form with the Indiana Secretary of State.

There are three ways to update your registered agent in Indiana:

  • Using a professional registered agent service
  • Applying online
  • Sending the necessary documents through the mail or in-person

"Change is inevitable-except from a vending machine."

- Robert C Gallagher, Author of the Express.

1. Changing Your Registered Agent Using A Professional Service

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Using a professional service is one way to update your Indiana registered agent, an option that might be particularly appealing considering that small businesses constitute 99.4% of all Indiana businesses, totaling 537,058, as reported by the US Small Business Administration [1].

Many companies specialize in providing registered agent services, and they can help you with the entire process.

These services typically charge a fee on top of the state fees of $20, but they can save you time and ensure that everything is filed correctly.

The Indiana registered agent service will handle all aspects of the change, including:

  • Notifying your current registered agent
  • Filing the necessary paperwork with the Indiana Secretary of State
  • Appointing a new registered agent

2. Changing Your Registered Agent Online

Change your registered agent online by submitting a Statement of Change on the INBiz website of the Indiana Secretary of State [2].

The following are the required steps for this online filing process:

  1. Log in to your INBiz account
  2. Select "Change of Registered Agent/Office" under "Online Services" in the top menu
  3. Select your business and complete the form

The cost to change a registered agent in Indiana is $20 for filing the change online through the Indiana Secretary of State's website.

3. Changing Your Registered Agent by Mail or In-Person

To change your registered agent in Indiana by mail or in person, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the Correct Form: Download the Change of Registered Agent form from the Indiana Secretary of State's website or request a copy by contacting their office.
  • Complete the Form: Fill out the form with accurate information, including:
    • The name of your business entity as registered with the state.
    • The current registered agent and registered office address.
    • The new registered agent's name and physical address in Indiana. Remember, the new agent must consent to act as your registered agent.
    • The date and signature of an authorized individual from your company.
  • Prepare the Filing Fee: Include the appropriate filing fee with your form. The fee for changing a registered agent by mail or in-person in Indiana is $20.
  • Submit the Form:
    • By Mail: Send the completed form along with the filing fee to the Indiana Secretary of State’s office at the mailing address.
    • In-Person: You can also deliver the form and payment directly to the Secretary of State’s office if you prefer a face-to-face transaction or need faster processing.
  • Wait for Confirmation: Once processed, you will receive confirmation that your registered agent change has been officially recorded.

4. Changing Your Registered Agent by Amendment

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If you need to change or update your registered agent for your Indiana business, you can do it while filing your biennial Business Entity Report.

This is the easiest way to change, but you can only do it during the filing period.

Another way to update or change your registered agent in Indiana is by submitting an Indiana Articles of Amendment to either Article of Organization or Articles of Incorporation.

Remember that this paperwork incurs a fee of $30, which is the most expensive option available.

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Who Can Be An Indiana Registered Agent?

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Indiana registered agents are residents of the state or a business entity authorized to do business in Indiana.

The registered agent must:

  • Have a physical street address in Indiana.
  • Be available to receive legal documents and official correspondence on their behalf during regular business hours.

The registered agent's name and address must be included in the business's formation documents, such as the Articles of Incorporation or the Certificate of Organization. They must be kept up-to-date with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Choosing a reliable Indiana registered agent who can promptly and accurately forward any legal notices or other necessary documents to your business is essential.

In some cases, not all registered agents are authorized to serve in every state. Some companies prefer to have the same registered agent across multiple states instead of separate ones.


Can I Be My Own Indiana Registered Agent?

Yes, you can be your own Indiana registered agent if you meet the Indiana Secretary of State criteria.

Is The Consent Of The New Registered Agent Required?

Yes, the new registered agent must consent to serve as your registered agent, though this consent does not need to be filed with the state.




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