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Last updated: April 15, 2024
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Establishing a business entity requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Entrepreneurs face many challenges, such as selecting the right company name and navigating legal complexities.

Several companies specialize in assisting businesses with their formation process, and Tailor Brands and Bizee (formerly Incfile) stand out as top LLC services.

As a business consultant with years of experience using various business formation services for different entities, I have evaluated both Tailor Brands and Bizee based on their plans, pricing, additional services, and customer support.

At a Glance: Tailor Brands and Bizee

Comparing Tailor Brands and Incfile

Tailor Brands is an all-in-one LLC formation platform that aims to make business creation accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With over 30 million businesses created through their platform and designs generated, Tailor Brands has established itself as one of the best LLC services and a leader in brand design automation.

With a customer base nearing a million, Bizee is committed to empowering small business owners, entrepreneurs, and future founders. They have continued to evolve their services, doubling down on their dedication to supporting big business ideas for small businesses.

1. Tailor Brands LLC Highlights

  • AI-powered logo maker 
  • Design and order business cards 
  • Legal document templates
  • Website builder 
  • Limited liability company formation service


Tailor Brands CTA

Tailor Brands

Rated 4.7/5

2. Bizee LLC Highlights

  • Free registered agent service
  • Basic LLC formation service
  • Customer support
  • Assistance with legal paperwork
  • Business name reservation 
  • Business name availability search


IncFile CTA


Rated 4.8/5

3. How Tailor Brands and Bizee Stack Together

Tailor Brands specialize in branding tools, website hosting and presence, financial services, and compliance. Bizee has a more comprehensive package that covers formation, management, and business maintenance.

Before deciding which company to employ, carefully consider the priorities, needs, and services necessary to operate your LLC.

Side-by-Side LLC Plan Comparisons

Tailor Brands and Bizee offer several business formation plans, each designed to address the specific needs of your company.

1. Basic Plan Comparison: Tailor Brands Lite vs Bizee Silver

  • Tailor Brands' Lite LLC Formation Package ($49 + state fees): The Lite package offers basic LLC formation, which include filing services and standard processing. The cost of each package is undisclosed in their official site. To get a priced quote, a colleague of mine had to fill in and submit the online application form.
  • Bizee's Silver Plan ($0 + state fees): The package includes preparing and filing the Articles of Organization, a free registered agent for a year, name availability search, as well as email and phone support.

2. Mid-Level Plan Comparison: Tailor Brands Essential vs Bizee Gold

  • Tailor Brands' Essential LLC Formation Package ($199 + state fees): The Essential package includes everything from the Lite package plus expedited processing, annual compliance alerts, and an operating agreement.
  • Bizee's Gold Plan ($199 + state fees): The package includes everything in the silver plan plus an EIN, an operating agreement, banking resolution, lifetime company alerts, a business bank account, and business tax consultation.

3. Top-Level Plan Comparison: Tailor Brands Elite vs Bizee Platinum

  • Tailor Brands' Elite LLC Formation Package ($249 + state fees): The Elite package includes everything from the previous two packages plus 8 free logos, a free business domain for the first year, a complete website builder, digital business cards, a maker for social media posts, and a business card tool.
  • Bizee's platinum Plan ($299 + state fees): It includes all above-mentioned Bizee LLC services, along with business contract templates, expedited filing, and domain name and email setup. What I found efficient is the next-day filing service.

Registered Agent Service

Bizee offers professional registered agent services for $119. Their registered agent serves as a reliable intermediary between the business and the state, receiving legal documents and official notices on behalf of the business.

Unfortunately, we learned that Tailor Brands does not offer a registered agent service.

Additional Services

Apart from the basic formation features, Tailor Brands and Bizee offer additional services to address your company's other needs.

1. Trademark Registration

In 2021, around 576,000 applications for trademarks were submitted to the USPTO, underscoring the critical role of affordable trademark services in safeguarding the intellectual property of emerging businesses [1].

Tailor Brands offers trademark services for $299, including a direct hit search, electronic filing, and dedicated support.

When a client wanted to register a trademark with Bizee, they had to pay $199 plus the filing fee. The package included legal counsel, a comprehensive search, and the preparation and filing of the application.

2. Business License Report

In 2018, it's noteworthy that the United States had over 43 million people who had obtained a professional license or certification [2].

This illustrates the extensive regulation and certification requirements faced by individuals and businesses across various industries. Therefore, services offering proper business license reports are a plus.

Bizee offers a comprehensive business license research package that will provide you with the latest forms and updates regarding your permits and licensing requirements for $99.

Tailor Brands also provides a business license report, however, you need to sign up first to get a priced quote.

3. Business Insurance

Tailor Brands offers business insurance designed to meet the specific needs of your company. You may avail of general liability insurance for $500 to $800 a year or professional liability insurance for $600 to $1,100 annually.

When a client wanted to get insurance coverage for his company, Venture Smarter learned that Bizee has a trusted affiliate company, The Hartford. You can avail of an insurance policy for as low as $25 a month.

"The essence of your enterprise is its vitality; hence, a service whose commitment is to expedite your business insurance claims, ensures minimal disruption to your operations."

- Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions

4. Certificate of Good Standing

To verify that your business is compliant with the law and in good standing with the state, you need to acquire a Certificate of Good Standing.

With Bizee, you can avail of the document for $49 plus state fees. Unfortunately, Tailor Brands does not offer this service.

I inform new business owners and entrepreneurs that potential investors and clients prefer companies that obtain a Certificate of Good Standing since it supports the legitimacy of the company.

5. Virtual Address

Bizee offers a virtual address that gives you access to your business wherever you are. The service can be used to receive traditional mail, letters, and checks for $29 a month.

Tailor Brands does not have a virtual address feature but offers a business mailbox, which will help you stay organized and look professional and trustworthy. You need to sign up and choose a plan to determine the cost of the service.

Customer Service

Tailor Brands can be contacted through live chat and I found the customer support personnel were accommodating and helpful. You may also access the website through a request portal and simply file your concern.

Bizee offers customer support by phone or live chat Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, and via the website request form.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Tailor Brands and IncFile


Which Company is Ranked Higher as a Business Registration Service, Tailor Brands or Bizee?

Tailor Brands is ranked slightly higher as a business registration service, but both companies are reputable in the industry.

What is Tailor Brands Best Used For?

Tailor Brands is best used for branding and website presence but the company also features basic LLC formation services.

Tailor Brands vs. Bizee: Venture Smarter Recommendation

Tailor Brands and Bizee offer valuable services for entrepreneurs, and thousands of businesses patronize them globally.

Tailor Brands helped my company establish a strong business presence through its branding services. In comparison, Bizee offers more basic formation features and business services.

While both platforms offer excellent LLC formation services, as Venture Smarter, we recommend ZenBusiness. The company offers additional features, such as longer customer service hours, name reservations, DBA name filing, worry-free compliance, and more.

The platform also offers one of the best LLC services and helps with your business formation from start to finish, from business planning to setting up the right brand for your business, accounting, and taxes to funding and expanding your business at low costs.

Our #1 Recommendation


ZenBusiness logo and a young entrepreneur using a laptop in the background
Rated 5.0/5
  • A+ customer feedback
  • Diverse packages are offered
  • Affordable pricing structures
  • Rush filing options
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • No registered agent service


  1. https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx
  2. https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2019/article/professional-certifications-and-occupational-licenses.htm

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