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Last updated: April 15, 2024
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When hiring an online business formation service, you need one that combines expertise, quality, and value. Venture Smarter has found Bizee (formerly Incfile) and Swyft Filings as two of the industry's largest services that offer expertise and quality.

As a business consultant for over a decade, I had the opportunity to work with various formation services. In this article, I'll share my insights on Swyft Filings and Bizee based on their features, price, additional services, and performance.

At a Glance: Swyft Filings and Bizee

Comparison between Swyft Filings and IncFile

Since its founding in 2015, Swyft Filings assisted tens of thousands of small businesses with the formation process. The company designed its platform to help launch businesses efficiently and affordably.

Bizee was founded in 2004 and has helped to form over a million businesses. They have a great reputation for customer service and provide excellent value for any plan you choose.

"In my opinion, the free Silver plan is going to work best for most people. The Gold gives you some extras that your business may need, and I get the value of the convenience factors for having filings done for you in one place."

Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions

1. Swyft Filings LLC Highlights

  • Document preparation
  • Filing with the state
  • Online access to all documents
  • Lifetime customer support


CTA for SwyftFilings

Swyft Filings

Rated 4.8/5

2. Bizee LLC Highlights

  • Preparation and filing Articles of Incorporation
  • Next business day formation
  • Free registered agent service for the first year
  • Free tax consultation
  • Lifetime customer support




Rated 4.9/5

3. How Swyft Filings and Bizee Stack Together

Swyft Filings provides an automated business filing process to simplify the formation and help small entities and individuals launch their companies swiftly, efficiently, and at a more affordable price.

In a 2022 survey conducted by McKinsey& Company, more companies are going for automation, with 72% of successful companies crediting making automation an essential factor in their companies' achievements [1].

Additional research by the company also estimates the likelihood of automation boosting productivity globally by 0.8 to 1.4% annually [2].

Bizee has a comprehensive package that includes formation, management services, and business maintenance.

Swyft Filings and Bizee are reputable companies catering to entrepreneurs and new business owners. Venture Smarter recommends that you consider your LLC's specific needs to determine which formation service is best for your business.

Side-by-Side LLC Plan Comparisons

Calculating Pricing for IncFile and SwyftFilings

Swyft Filings and Bizee offer the following LLC formation packages to help you launch your business:

1. Basic Plan Comparison: Swyft Filings Basic vs Bizee Silver

  • Swyft Filings' Basic ($0 + state fees): The plan includes LLC name check, preparation and filing of Articles of Organization, document filing with the state, and lifetime customer support.
  • Bizee's Silver Plan ($0 + state fees): A client of mine availed of the package, and it featured everything you need to form your business, such as a top registered agent service for the first year, filing of your Articles of Organization, name availability search, and unlimited support.

2. Mid-Level Plan Comparison: Swyft Filings Standard vs Bizee Gold

  • Swyft Filings' Standard ($199 + state fees): It includes all features in the basic plan, including expedite shipping, custom operating agrement, federal tax EIN for a business bank account, custom banking resolution, custom organizational minutes, and electronic delivery of documents. I was actually pleased to learn that the application has a 5-day express shipping.
  • Bizee's Gold Plan ($199 + state fees): The package includes everything in the basic plan plus an operating agreement, banking resolution, lifetime company alerts, business bank account, and tax consultation.

3. Top-Level Plan Comparison: Swyft Filings Premium vs Bizee Platinum

  • Swyft Filings' Premium ($299 + state fees): The package features everything in the standard plan plus same business day processing, customizable business and legal documents, free domain subscription, founders kit, 24/7 access to an online dashboard, and a free trial of ComplianceGuard, which includes annual report, amendments, and meeting minutes.
  • Bizee's platinum Plan ($299 + state fees): It includes all features from the Gold plan plus business contract templates, a free domain name, email services, and same-day filing service.

Registered Agent Service

Swyft Filings offers registered agent services starting at $199 per year and does not include it in their formation packages. The service includes mail forwarding, compliance alerts, and service of process in behalf of the business.

Bizee includes registered agent services for free with their formation packages for the first year, which can be renewed for $119 annually.

Additional Services

Aside from the features included in their packages, both companies offer additional services necessary to manage and maintain a business efficiently.

1. DBA Registration

If you choose to use a different name for your business, you can use the DBA registration service from Swyft Filings and finish the process quickly. This service will cost you $99 plus state fees, and they will file all the needed paperwork on your behalf.

A client of mine was also able to register a DBA with Bizee for $99 exclusive of state fees.

2. Business License Report

Swyft Filings and Bizee offer $99 comprehensive permits and licensing reports to help you determine which documentation is needed to make your business operational.

3. Certificate of Good Standing

With Swyft Filings, we were able to request a Certificate of Good Standing for $45 while Bizee offers the service for $49.

A Certificate of Good Standing validates and ensures potential investors and clients that your company is in compliant with state business laws. This is the reason why Venture Smarter always advise business owners to acquire this document.

4. Virtual Address

To receive traditional mail, letters, and checks, you can avail of Bizee's $29 virtual address service. Unfortunately, Swyft Filings does not offer this service.

Customer Service

Bizee's customer support is available through website request form, phone or live chat on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm CT. Their support team was very reliable and responsive to our queries. However, at some point, it took them more than 24 hours to respond to the Venture Smarter team.

Swyft Filings can be contacted through chat, email and phone between 9 am to 6 pm CST, Monday to Friday. We tried to reach out via web chat and got through in a matter of minutes.

"Swyft Filings incorporates a personal touch into every service it offers. Clients receive customized documents tailored to their specific needs, rather than generic templates. The company emphasizes individualized customer support."

- Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisition

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Which is More Affordable, Swyft Filings or Bizee?

Both companies are affordable and coincidentally offer the same price for their LLC formation packages.

Which Company has been in the Industry for a Longer Period of Time, Swyft Filings or Bizee?

Bizee has been in the industry for a longer period of time. The company was founded in 2004 while Swyft Filings was established last 2015.

Do Swyft Filings and Bizee Offer Refunds?

Swyft Filings offer refunds within 60 days of purchase, while Bizee has a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Swyft Filings vs. Bizee: Our Recommendation

Both Bizee and Swyft Filings offer useful features to create your business for an affordable price. They are leaders in the industry and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Before recommending a specific formation services, I evaluate the nature of the business of my clients to fully understand the needs of the company.

While both platforms offer great formation services, Venture Smarter considers Zenbusiness an alternative.

ZenBusiness offers additional services that these companies don't, including more features in their base package, fast turnaround time, worry-free compliance, excellent customer service, and more.

Our #1 Recommendation


A ZenBusiness logo with a working entrepreneur in the background
Rated 5.0/5
  • Worry free compliance
  • LLC formation services start at $0 plus state fees
  • Fast turnaround
  • Lots of useful add ons
  • Excellent online assistance
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • Some add-ons can be expensive.


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