RockingFest Showcases Budding Entrepreneurs Under 10

Last updated: November 26, 2023

RockingFest, a local event, recently showcased 68 vendors, including three standout young entrepreneurs all under the age of 10. Kendall “Winnie” Williams, Kaylyn Stewart, and Addie Moultry were the stars of the show, selected as RockingFest’s Young Entrepreneurs.

RockingFest Showcases Budding Entrepreneurs Under 10
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Williams, the brains behind Winnie’s Lemmies, a lemonade stand, started her venture at the tender age of six. “She wanted to participate in the event and ‘sell something too’,” her mother, Alesha Presley, recalls.

At RockingFest, Williams sold out of her best-selling original and Green Machine lemonade, and now offers one-gallon jugs for $8 due to popular demand.

Stewart, the creative force behind Dirt & Diamonds, sells handmade jewelry and crafts, often with a little help from her mom, Jessica Austin. The business, which started over the summer, was inspired by Stewart’s love for crafts and softball. “My favorite part of RockingFest was helping customers pick out what they wanted,” Stewart said.

Moultry, the youngest of the trio, owns Addie’s Crazy Cones, a snow cone business. She recently acquired a small trailer for her operations and rents it out for parties and events. Moultry’s entrepreneurial spirit was rewarded with a $1,000 prize from the Auburn Ideas Jam business pitch competition. At RockingFest, she sold her usual snow cones, freeze-dried candy, and cupcakes from her new trailer.

The young entrepreneurs, who have become friends through their ventures, reported successful booths at RockingFest. They have future events lined up for those who missed out. Williams will be selling her lemonade at Krave Korner and the Beulah Elementary School Christmas Event. Stewart’s Dirt & Diamonds continues to attract customers from across the country via Facebook, and Moultry is renting out her trailer for events.

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