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As a Rhode Island company owner, you and your LLC members must submit an annual report to comply with state laws.

To help you file the document correctly, we collaborated with our qualified business professionals, who have more than fourteen years of expertise in the business industry.

After spending three weeks looking up the correct annual report filing information on the Rhode Island Secretary of State website, we've put up this thorough guide to assist you in following the appropriate procedures.

Quick Summary

  • It costs $50 to file your Rhode Island annual report with the Secretary of State.
  • The Rhode Island Secretary of State facilitates filing annual reports online and by mail.
  • The Rhode Island annual report deadline for all LLCs is May 1.

What Is a Rhode Island LLC Annual Report?

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A Rhode Island LLC annual report is a document a business owner files with the Secretary of State to update the company's details.

The key business information in the Rhode Island annual report includes the business name, registered agent information, and principal office address.

The Rhode Island annual report also has a section that requires extra details, including the self-identity of the business owner, the number of full-time employees, and the total gross revenue the business gained throughout the year.

How to File a Rhode Island Annual Report?

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To file a Rhode Island annual report, you must locate the correct form, fill it out and submit it online or by mail.

1. Online Filings

Filing a Rhode Island annual report online is the easiest and most efficient way to complete the process.

Here's how to file an annual report online:

  • Visit the Business Services Division Online Filing System [1].
  • Enter your Customer Identification Number and PIN to log in.
  • Select "Annual Report" to start the filing process.
  • Fill out the necessary business details, then submit.

Complete the online annual report filing by paying the processing fee using a credit card.

Annual reports are a part of public records under Rhode Island law 38-2-1. Anyone who visits the Rhode Island Corporate Database can search for your company, click on the entity record link, select "All Filings," then click "View Filing," and then select "View PDF." 

With this process, anyone can get a copy of their Rhode Island annual report. The public can also inquire about annual reports via the phone or in person.

2. Mail Filings

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To submit your annual report by mail, you must access the PDF form online on the Rhode Island Department of State's website [2].

  • Once on the page, scroll down to the annual report table.
  • Click on the correct form according to your business type. You'll be redirected to a PDF form of the annual report that you can edit and complete your business details.
  • Once you verify all the information is correct, print the form and attach the filing fee as a check or money. You can pay in cash if you deliver the annual report form in person.

Direct your mail to the following address:

Rhode Island Secretary of State
Division Of Business Services
148 W. River Street
Providence RI 02904-2615
(401) 222-3040

3. Information Included in the Annual Report

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A Rhode Island annual report contains crucial business details, including the following:

  • The entity ID number (you can find this ID number on the Corporate Database).
  • The verified name of the limited liability company (If the LLC name has changed, you must file an amendment, form 401 or form 451, with the state).
  • The six-digit NAICS code that describes the primary type of business in which the entity engages.
  • Brief description of the character of the business in which the limited liability company is engaged in this state (this applies even to inactive businesses).
  • The state or country of organization.
  • The principal address of the office of the limited liability company.
  • The current mailing address, email, and the name or title of the contact person.
  • The name and office address of the LLCs resident agent and resident office.
  • Domestic and foreign corporations must provide the total number of shares issued during the business year.
  • An official signature and date from an authorized person [3].

4. Annual Report Due Dates

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The annual report filing dates in Rhode Island depend on the type of business.

Domestic and foreign limited liability companies and business corporations can submit annual reports between February 1 and May 1.

The annual report due date for benefit corporations is within 120 days of the fiscal year-end.

LLCs and profit corporations that fail to file by the due date are subject to a $25 penalty fee and an additional $3 to file online.

Nonprofit corporations will face a $25 late fee applied 30 days after the end of the filing period.

5. How Much Is the Annual Report Filing Fee in Rhode Island?

The annual report filing fee in Rhode Island is $50 for LLCs filed either online or by mail. The filing fee is the same for business corporations.

There's also a $2.5 additional fee for enhanced access to your online documents.

Benefit corporations are charged $60 to file annual reports by mail; such entities have no online filing option.

Who Needs to File an LLC Annual Report in Rhode Island?

Every limited liability company needs to file an LLC annual report in Rhode Island. The state also requires other limited partnerships, profit, and nonprofit corporations to file annual reports to retain good standing.

Tips For Filing an Annual Report in Rhode Island

Filing an annual report in Rhode Island office

Here are a few helpful pointers to consider in order to file an annual report efficiently in the Rhode Island department.

  • When filing the first annual report, delete the title 'incorporator' on the document and include the name and address of your current officers (president, treasurer, and secretary).
  • Use the state's Corporate Database to check if members or managers run your organization before submitting the annual report.
  • Only list the names and addresses of the managing officers, not company members.
  • Don't forget to include a quick summary of the business undertaken in Rhode Island.
  • Ensure that the internal structure displayed in your annual report corresponds to the one you choose for your LLC articles of organization. You need to submit an amendment if the internal structure of Rhode Island LLC has changed.
  • Ensure the number of issued shares you have supplied does not exceed your corporation's permitted shares. You must submit an amendment to increase a benefit corporation's authorized shares.
  • If your corporation has not issued any shares during the year, indicate "0" on the appropriate fields to avoid confusion.


How Long Does It Take To Process an Annual Report in Rhode Island?

It takes a few hours to process an annual report in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Secretary of State approves all annual reports within the same day, regardless of the filing method.

Who Can File a Rhode Island Annual Report?

An LLC manager, director, or member can file a Rhode Island annual report. Any other authorized person is also allowed to file an annual report.

What Are the Consequences of Filing an Annual Report Late in Rhode Island?

The consequence of filing an annual report late in Rhode Island is getting your entity administratively dissolved by the state. However, there's a 30-day grace period before the state imposes extreme legal penalties on your Rhode Island LLC.

Do You Need Help Filing Your Rhode Island Annual Report?

You can update your company's details with the Rhode Island department and avoid penalties or the possible closure of your business by completing your annual before the deadline.

With Incfile's annual report service, you may outsource the difficult filing to a professional.

Once you've hired them, all you have to do is give them information about your company, and they'll file and submit the report on your behalf.

The IncFile compliance service will also keep track of all the deadlines for your company paperwork, enabling you to remain ahead of them.

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