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When operating a limited liability company in North Carolina, fulfilling your obligations is paramount.

One essential requirement is submitting an annual report for your LLC, ensuring you comply with state regulations.

Benefiting from our extensive expertise in the LLC field, cultivated over nearly two decades, we possess a profound understanding of the legal obligations and procedures involved in North Carolina.

In this comprehensive guide, we will guide you through all the necessary details concerning the North Carolina LLC annual report filing.

Quick Summary

  • All LLCs in North Carolina are required to file an annual report to remain compliant with state regulations.
  • The fee for submitting an annual report in North Carolina for LLC is $203 online and $200 by mail.
  • If you file your North Carolina LLC annual report online, it will be filed with the Secretary of State's office the same day you submit it and will be visible online right away, while paper filing can take up to 12 weeks for processing and online posting.

What Is a North Carolina LLC Annual Report?

Looking at the North Carolina LLC Annual Report

The Annual Report in North Carolina is a necessary filing that ensures your LLC's contact information remains current with the Secretary of State.

It can be submitted online or through mail. This report allows businesses to update any changes related to their address, ownership, officers, and registered agent.

Overall, it is a required filing to maintain accurate and updated information for your LLC in North Carolina.

How to File a North Carolina Annual Report?

Writing a document in an office in North Carolina

To file a North Carolina annual report, you have two options: online or paper submission.

When filing the LLC annual report in North Carolina, using the correct form designated for the annual report submission is important.

The annual report form is a specific document the North Carolina Secretary of State provides for reporting LLC information.

1. Online Filings

Using a laptop to file online documents

The online process offers a convenient and straightforward way to file a report.

By searching for your business entity name and accessing the profile, you can easily navigate to the "File an Annual Report/Amend an Annual Report" section.

From there, you can file the most recent annual report with guidance provided online [1].

2. Mail Filings

On the other hand, the paper filing option requires a bit more time.

You can download a pre-populated annual report in PDF format by searching for your business entity name and accessing the profile.

Review the document, fill in any necessary information, sign, and date it.

The completed report should then be mailed to the North Carolina Secretary of State's office, and the appropriate filing fee based on your company type [2].

3. Information Included in the Annual Report

Writing a signature on a document

When preparing your annual report, it is important to include the following information:

  1. LLC business name: Provide the official name of your LLC as stated in your Articles of Incorporation.
  2. Principal office street address: Include the physical street address of your LLC's principal office, along with a valid mailing address. These addresses can be the same.
  3. Members' and/or managers' information: Include the names, titles, and business addresses of your LLC's members and/or managers.
  4. Brief description of your business: Provide a concise overview of your LLC's business activities.
  5. Registered agent details: Include the contact information of your North Carolina LLC's registered agent, along with the registered office street address. If the registered office has a separate mailing address, provide that as well.

By including these details in your annual report, you ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information submitted to the relevant authorities.

4. Annual Report Due Dates

Sorting documents containing annual reports due dates

For Limited Liability Companies in North Carolina, the annual report deadline is April 15th of the year following the year of creation [3].

When it comes to the LLC annual report, it is important to note that the due date is not directly linked to the fiscal year-end. For the first annual report of a North Carolina LLC, it is not required until the subsequent year following the LLC's incorporation.

Moving forward, the annual report is due on April 15th each year, as long as the LLC remains in operation.

5. How Much Is The Annual Report Filing Fee?

The annual report filing fee for a Business Corporation in North Carolina is $25.00,  while for a Limited Liability Company (LLC), it is $200.00 when filing by mail.

On the other hand, when filing online, the fee for an LLC is $203.00, which includes a $3.00 electronic filing fee.

Who Needs to File the North Carolina LLC Annual Report?

Filing a document while using a laptop in North Carolina office

Certain types of companies, both domestic and foreign, are required to file an annual report with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

These include: 

However, there are exceptions to this requirement. Professional Corporations, Professional LLCs, and Nonprofit Corporations are not obligated to file an annual report with the North Carolina Secretary of State.


What Happens if You Don’t File an Annual Report for LLC in North Carolina?

If you don't file an annual report for LLC in North Carolina, you risk your company getting administratively dissolved. To reinstate the LLC, you will need to file the Application for Reinstatement and pay a $100 fee.

How Long Does North Carolina Annual Report Processing Take?

Online filings are processed immediately, ensuring prompt submission. However, if you choose to file by mail, be prepared for a longer processing period. It may take up to 12 weeks for your report to be processed and acknowledged.

Do You Need Help Filing Your North Carolina Annual Report?

Fulfilling the annual report requirement for your LLC in North Carolina is crucial for maintaining compliance with state regulations.

To simplify the process and ensure accuracy, consider utilizing the expert services of an annual report service like IncFile to file annual reports.

As a trusted professional service provider, IncFile can streamline the process and ensure the accurate filing of your annual reports.

By entrusting your North Carolina LLC's annual report to IncFile, you can have confidence that the necessary paperwork will be handled diligently.

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