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Once you have created your company with the Mississippi Secretary of State, you must ensure that your business remains in good standing.

To remain in good standing with the Mississippi Secretary of State, you must file a Mississippi annual report to avoid fines and ensure a healthy LLC.

We have over a decade of experience filing annual reports for various businesses, including Mississippi annual report filing.

This article will review everything included in the Mississippi annual report, including who needs to file an annual report with the Mississippi Secretary, the filing fee, and more.

Quick Summary

  • A Mississippi annual report is a filing that every business must complete annually to update its business information.
  • You must file your Mississippi LLC annual report online; they do not offer to file Mississippi annual reports via mail or in person.
  • You must file an annual report with the $25 filing fee for your Mississippi business by April 15th of every year.

What Is A Mississippi Annual Report?

A Mississippi annual report is a filing that limited liability companies need to complete annually to update their Mississippi business information, including their business ID number, any existing business address changes, registered agent name, and more.

How To File A Mississippi Annual Report?

Employee working in Mississippi office and filing an Mississippi LLC annual report

To file your Mississippi annual report, you must file it online. The Mississippi annual report service is not offered in person or by mail.

1. Online Filings

You can use the Mississippi annual report service to file an annual report online by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Mississippi Secretary Of State website and sign in with your information [1].
  2. Go to the dashboard and click File an annual report
  3. Enter your business ID from your Certificate of Formation
  4. Enter business email and phone
  5. Enter your federal tax ID
  6. Enter your NAICS code
  7. Check off the operating agreement box
  8. Enter the principal address
  9. Add an LLC member or LLC manager if applicable
  10. Sign and submit

To complete the online filing process, pay the filing fees using one of the following methods:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Once you submit the yearly report online, you will be able to access all forms on the dashboard.

2. Information Included In The Annual Report

Using a calculator to tally annual report in Mississippi

You must provide the following information when filing a Mississippi LLC annual report:

  • Business ID number
  • Business name and email
  • State you formed your business in
  • Business phone
  • Business LLC EIN
  • Principal Address
  • Mississippi Registered agent name and address
  • Officer/director OR member/manager names and addresses.
  • Corporation stock information. Include class, authorized shares, series, and total number issued.
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code
  • A brief statement of purpose.
  • Name and address of the person filing the annual report.

3. Annual Report Due Dates

A businessman looking at his watch to check the time

You can file your LLC annual report online on or after January 1st of any given year.

However, each annual report deadline is on or before April 15th of every year for your Mississippi LLC annual report [2].

Reminders are typically sent out one to three months before the due date to the email or principal address on your first annual report and formation documents.

How Much Is The Annual Report Filing Fee In Mississippi?

The annual report filing fee in Mississippi is $25. However, there are no late fees [3].

Suppose you do not file your annual report online by April 15th. In that case, it will be late, and the Mississippi Secretary of State will send a warning through the annual report service to file your annual report immediately and avoid administrative dissolution by the Secretary of State.

Who Needs To File A Mississippi Annual Report?

All LLCs, Mississippi corporations, nonprofit corporations, or any other type of business registered with the state under Mississippi law are required to file an annual report and other business filings every year by the April 15th.


Can I Change My Registered Agent When I File My Mississippi Annual Report?

No, you can't change your registered agent when you file your Mississippi annual report. To

change any registered agent information update in the past year, you will need to file an amendment. There is a $50 filing fee for this form that must be submitted to the state.

What Are The Risks Of Not Filing A Mississippi Annual Report?

The risks of not filing a Mississippi annual report are that your business can be sued, administratively dissolved by the state, and it can negatively affect your business image.

Do You Need Help Filing Your Mississippi Annual Report?

If you were planning to file your Mississippi annual report but are overwhelmed by the process and want to ensure that you don't miss any due dates or requirements, it's best to seek professional help.

Annual report filing in Mississippi must be done online by April 15th to avoid your business being dissolved by the state of Mississippi.

IncFile makes filing your annual report straightforward by keeping track of annual report due dates, filing on your behalf regardless of the filing method, keeping up to date with requirement changes by the state, keeping your company in good standing, and more.

IncFile will help you get your annual report processed as fast as possible so you can keep your focus on your business, including growing and developing your business and continue serving your customers.

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