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The Georgia Secretary of State mandates all business entities to file an annual report to stay compliant.

To help you understand everything surrounding Georgia annual reports, we teamed up with our licensed LLC experts, who've been in the business sector for nearly two decades.

We spent five weeks researching the Georgia Secretary of State's website for detailed information.

Here's a summary of everything you should know about filing annual reports there.

Quick Summary

  • All businesses that operate in Georgia must file an annual registration with the Georgia Corporations Division to avoid penalties or license revocation.
  • The annual registration fee in Georgia is $50 to file online and $60 if you complete the process by mail.
  • The deadline for filing Georgia annual registrations is April 1st.

What Is a Georgia LLC Annual Report?

Organizing a stack of files in Georgia

A Georgia LLC annual report is a record that provides the Secretary of State with the current management structure, mailing address, and LLC name and address of the new registered agent for a business.

In Georgia, an annual report is also known as an annual registration and contains the financial information and performance of the given entity.

The Georgia Secretary of State mandates all registered entities that conduct business there to submit an annual registration each year to stay compliant and inform the state of any new business updates.

How to File a Georgia Annual Report?

Filing Georgia LLC annual reports

To file a Georgia annual report, you must access the form CD 940 online, complete it, and submit it via the eCorp portal or by mail.

The Secretary of State offers an efficient Georgia annual report service with the following three filing methods:

  • One-click annual registration: This method allows you to file your annual registration without logging into the online portal. However, this applies to businesses with current information that do not need to change anything on their annual reports.
  • Online services annual registration: With this filing method, you must create an online account on the eCorp website to file annual registration [1]. Once you log in, you select the type of annual registration to file, enter your business ID number, and follow the filing instructions provided.
  • Print annual registration form: This mail filing option allows you to access the annual registration form online, fill it out, and print it [2]. Note that the mailing option costs an additional $10 annual registration fee for processing the paper form.

Submit your Georgia annual report by mail to the following official address:

Office of Secretary of State
Corporations Division
2 MLK Jr. Drive
Suite 313, Floyd West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-1530

The SOS also offers a multi-year filing option that allows you to file for up to three consecutive years [3].

With the multi-year filing option, you get these three options:

  • File for the current year.
  • File for two consecutive years.
  • File for three consecutive years.

1. Information Included in the Annual Report

Holding two different files to check information needed

The information in the Georgia annual report varies depending on the business entity type you're filing for.

Here are the common details to include in a Georgia annual report:

  • The business name or control number.
  • Name of the authorized person or filer.
  • A working email address.
  • Correct commercial registered agent information, including their full name and valid address. The LLC registered agent's address can be an official Georgia street address or the residential address where the agent is.
  • The principal address of the business office.

If you're completing annual registration filings for Georgia corporations, you must also include the name and address of each officer, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Secretary.

Note that regardless of the entity you're filing for, you must include the correct annual registration fee payment as a Certified Bank Check, Business Check, Money Order, or Credit Card ( Visa, American Express Mastercard, or Discover). 

All these are made payable to the Georgia Secretary of State.

2. Annual Report Due Dates

Receiving a call while working on a deadline

The annual registration due date in Georgia is April 1st. You can submit the annual report as early as January 1st, but submissions made before then will be invalid.

If you submit the annual registration past the due date, the Georgia Secretary of State will impose a $25 penalty fee for late filing.

The late fees are standard for all business entity types, and you have 60 days to file a Georgia annual registration.

In extreme cases (failure to submit the annual registration within 60 days past the due date), the state will administratively dissolve your LLC and revoke your authorization to transact business in Georgia.

3. How Much Is the Annual Report Filing Fee in Georgia?

The annual report filing fee in Georgia is $50 for online filing and $60 for mail filing. This filing fee is standard for an LLC, LLLP, LP, Profit Corporation, Professional Corporation, Benefit Corporation, and Trust Estate.

The annual registration filing fee for Georgia nonprofit corporations is $30 if you complete it online and $40 by mail.

Foreign limited liability partnerships will pay a $25 filing fee for online filings and $35 for mail orders.

If, for some reason, you update the wrong details or need to include new information after filing the annual registration, you can apply for an amended annual registration and pay $20 online and $30 if you submit by mail.

Who Needs to File an LLC Annual Report in Georgia?

All limited liability companies need to file an LLC annual report in Georgia.

Additionally, other entities like limited liability partnerships and corporations (profit, nonprofit and professional) must submit the annual registration and pay the correct filing fees to the state.

Tips For Filing an Annual Report in Georgia

A table full of documents

Here are four key pointers you can consider when you’re planning to file annual registration in Georgia:

  • Know the timeline: By understanding the annual registration period/timeline in Georgia, you can know when your next report is due and schedule the filing accordingly. This also ensures that you don't miss any filing as you're busy running your Georgia LLC. If this is too much work, you can hire a reliable annual report service to track the timelines for you.
  • Gather your details: The Georgia annual registration process can be intimidating if you don't have all your business information or know what to file. Ensure you research and collect all the business details required on the annual report before starting the filing process. This will smoothen the entire process and take less time to complete.
  • Use the multi-year filing option: With this option, you can select to file annual registration for 2 or 3 consecutive years and ensure you're compliant during that duration.
  • Set reminders: Another helpful tip is to subscribe to the email notification service the SOS offers so that you can receive deadline alerts for when the annual report is due. The Secretary of State sends email alerts every January, and this helps you track the Georgia annual registration period and stay on top of the upcoming annual report deadline.


Does Georgia Have an Annual Report?

Yes, Georgia has an annual report that businesses file every year before April 1st. The annual report is referred to as an annual registration.

What Happens If You Don't File the Annual Report in Georgia on Time?

If you don't file the annual report in Georgia on time, you risk a $25 penalty fee and administrative dissolution of the LLC.

How Much Is an Annual Report in Georgia?

An annual report in Georgia is $50 for LLCs online and $60 by mail. Different entities also have different annual report charges.

Do You Need Help Filing Your Georgia Annual Report?

For a new business owner, the annual report filing process can be daunting because of the related legal terminology and rules surrounding the process.

We recommend delegating intricate legal filing to an expert like IncFile to guarantee that your annual report is handled professionally and timely.

With IncFile’s annual report service, you can rest easy knowing that your important annual registration filings are handled, and you'll have more time to focus on running a successful and compliant Georgia business entity.

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