Indeed Unveils Specialized Ad Networks to Boost Job Advertising Reach

Last updated: January 16, 2024
Indeed Unveils Specialized Ad Networks to Boost Job Advertising Reach
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Indeed, the popular job website, is stepping up its game with the launch of specialized ad networks. The move aims to help companies reach potential employees across the web, tapping into the $36 billion spent on job advertising.

The first of these networks, the Tech Network, allows companies to place display ads on 50 tech websites, including The Next Web and Stack Overflow. These sites boast a combined monthly visit of over 500 million. Clicking on these ads redirects job seekers to Indeed’s website to apply for the job.

Raj Mukherjee, executive vice president and general manager at Indeed, explained the strategy behind the move. “There’s a secular demand for tech workers, and tech workers aren’t in traditional spaces so we need to find them where they are,” he said. Mukherjee also noted that the ad networks could reach those who aren’t actively job hunting but might be intrigued by an advertised role.

The results speak for themselves. Early tests saw advertisers like HR software firm Paylocity more than triple their job applicants. Indeed plans to roll out similar ad networks for healthcare and transportation professionals, and is also launching tools to help hiring managers budget campaigns and prioritize job listings.

The move comes as Indeed’s parent company, Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd, reported a decline in free and sponsored job listings on Indeed. It also faces stiff competition from LinkedIn’s Audience Network. However, Mukherjee is confident in Indeed’s unique approach. “We know a lot about job seekers — using that data we can start to target the right type of job seeker and bring them back into our network,” he said.

Indeed’s new ad networks are a game-changer in the job advertising market, promising to connect companies with the right candidates, right where they are.

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