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As a Vermont business owner, you may have to change your business name if the current one doesn't reflect your company's core values and products.

When this happens, it's important to know which documents to file to keep your entity state compliant.

To help you, we worked with our licensed LLC consultants with over seventeen years of experience in the business.

We dedicated three weeks to researching the Vermont Secretary of State website, and here's everything you should know about changing the name of an LLC business structure there.

Quick Summary

  • To change an LLC name in Vermont, you must submit an amendment of the Vermont LLC Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State.
  • It costs $20 to file articles of amendment to change a Vermont limited liability company name.
  • It takes 7-10 business days to change an LLC name in Vermont by mail.

3 Steps To Change an LLC Name in Vermont

Using a phone to search the internet for information in Vermont

Follow these three key steps to change a business name in Vermont.

1. Choose a New Vermont LLC Name

Before formally changing your business name in Vermont, you must choose a new name.

Make sure the new name meets the following naming criteria:

  • It must be distinctive.
  • Must contain the words "Limited Liability Company" or the abbreviation "LLC."
  • If it's a professional LLC, it must have the word "professional " or the abbreviation "PLC."
  • It must not have any government terms like FBI.

The business name must also be memorable and one that accurately describes the goals and offerings of your business [1].

You must perform a name search through the Vermont SOS, more particularly through the Corporations Division of the Vermont Secretary of State [2].

You must select a different name and do a new search if the one you want is currently in use or identical to another Vermont company name.

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2. File a Name Reservation Form

Once you have settled on a new entity name that is eligible for use, you can secure it by submitting a Name Reservation request form to the Vermont Secretary of State.

In the state of Vermont, you can reserve the entity name that will be yours exclusively for 120 days.

In the event that you don't register your new LLC name within these four months, you can extend your reservation for an additional 120 days by submitting a new renewal form and paying an additional $20 cost.

3. File a Vermont Amended Articles of Organization

Filing amended articles of organization in Vermont

Once you've determined that your chosen company name is accessible, you must formally alter it by submitting the required documentation to the SOS business address office.

This procedure normally entails submitting a modification to your business's Vermont Articles of Organization.

You can also use this amendment form to change your LLC registered agent or principal office address.

To submit the change, you must:

  • Visit the website of the Secretary of State to obtain the necessary Vermont LLC amendment form.
  • Fill out the business details on the form.
  • Pay the filing fees.
  • Depending on your Vermont filing choices, send the filled-out form and money to the Secretary of State's office through mail or online.

Vermont LLCs must provide the following details when completing the amended articles of organization form:

  • Business entity number
  • Current LLC name
  • New LLC name
  • Expression of approval from LLC members or shareholders
  • Signatures of LLC members
  • Correct filing fee amount

If you file the Vermont amendment online, pay with a credit card and submit it. The Vermont Secretary of State takes a maximum of 1 business day to review and approve your application.

If you're mailing the Vermont LLC amendments, direct them to the following mailing address:

Corporations Division
VT Secretary of State
128 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-1104

What To Do After You Change Your Vermont LLC Name?

Writing a formal document on a desk about how to change an LLC name in Vermont

After you change your LLC name, there are a few additional steps to take, including changing the old name on all business records.

They include the following:

  • Send a letter to the IRS and submit Form 8822-B to notify them of the new name change.
  • Contact the Vermont Business License Board to renew or reapply new business licenses with the new name. You may have to pay for a new license, and the price differs depending on your business.
  • Change the business name on your LLC operating agreement and other relevant internal documents.
  • Contact the Vermont Department of Labor and Workforce Development and notify them of the name change if you have any staff.
  • Update your Vermont LLC name on your tax registration by submitting a one-page change of address document with the Department of Taxes in Vermont.
  • Update your LLC annual report with the new name.


Can I Change a Business Name Online in Vermont?

Yes, you can change a business name online in Vermont by submitting the Amended Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State via the online portal.

How Long Does It Take To Change an LLC Name in Vermont?

It takes 7-10 business days to change an LLC name in Vermont by mail. Filing online takes less than 1 business day.

How Much Does It Cost To Change an LLC Name in Vermont?

It costs $20 to change an LLC name in Vermont. The filing fee covers the processing of the Vermont Articles of Organization by the Secretary of State.

Do You Need Help Changing Your Vermont LLC Name?

As an LLC owner, you may be forced to change your business name if you're rebranding or expanding.

When the time comes, we recommend hiring IncFile’s amendment service to file the Vermont LLC amendment documents with the Secretary of State on your behalf.

Apart from negotiating the legal red tape, IncFile also offers other business services like business tax consultation, lifetime company alerts, a business website, next-day processing, and a year of free registered agent service to keep your entity in the right shape.

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