How To Change an LLC Name in Alaska (Simple Guide)

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Last updated: October 19, 2023
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If you’re an Alaska-based LLC owner who wants to change their business name, it's important to know the correct steps to follow when filing the amendment paperwork to keep your entity in the right standing with the Alaska Secretary of State.

To help you, we worked with our experienced team of licensed LLC experts who've been in the industry for nearly two decades. We spent the past four weeks researching the SOS website for the correct process of changing an LLC name in Alaska.

Here's a detailed summary of everything you should know.

Quick Summary

  • To change an LLC name in Alaska, you must file an Alaska Amendment Certificate with the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.
  • It costs a $25 filing fee to change an Alaska limited liability company name.
  • You must update your new name with the licensing department and register for new business licenses.

3 Steps To Change an LLC Name in Alaska

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Follow these steps to change an LLC name in Alaska.

1. Choose a New Alaska LLC Name

Choosing a new Alaska LLC name would be best because it's an important part of your business.

The state of Alaska mandates all LLCs to adhere to the following naming guidelines:

  • The business name must include the "Limited Liability Company" tag or the initials "LLC."
  • Your business name must be unique, original, and distinguishable from other entities.
  • Your name should not contain words or letters people can confuse with a government agency.
  • Your business name should not contain a professional name affiliation unless you have applied for the correct professional license pertaining to your field.

Once you've decided on your desired business name, you must conduct an Alaska business entity search to ensure no other established firm has already claimed the title.

A tool service provided by the Alaska Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED) allows you to check the state's business registration to discover if another company already uses your prospective business name [1].

Also, make sure the name of your Alaska LLC doesn't conflict with another company's trademark or service mark.

2. File a Name Reservation Form

Filing a name reservation form in an office

Once you select a business name, you can reserve it if you don't want to register your LLC immediately.

You can complete the process or hire a registered agent service to file the legal documents on your behalf.

You may reserve a company name by submitting the business name reservation form with the Alaska DCCED [2].

By reserving your LLC name, you can stop another legal entity from using it to conduct business in the state while your hold is in effect.

In Alaska, an entity name reservation lasts 120 days and may be renewed only twice.

You must submit a "Business Name Reservation Renewal" form and an additional $25 filing fee to maintain that reservation after 120 days.

You cannot submit your renewal form online; you must mail it to the Alaska Corporations Section.

3. File an Alaska Amendment Certificate 

Filing an amendment certificate in Alaska

The next crucial step to changing an LLC name in the Alaska Division is to file an Alaska Amendment Certificate/Articles of Amendment with the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

You must include the following information on the Articles of Amendment form:

  • The current name of your LLC in Alaska
  • Alaska entity number
  • LLC mailing address
  • The correct filing date of your LLC formation documents
  • New amended name in full

You should also provide the contact information the SOS will use in case some details need to be resolved (name, phone number, working email address, and mailing address).

After completing all the correct details, provide an official signature from an authorized agent, whether a manager, lawyer, or LLC member.

You can attach the filing fee as a check or money order and mail the completed Alaska Articles of Amendment form to the following address:

State of Alaska
Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing
Corporations Section
PO Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806

If you decide to pay the processing fee using a debit/credit card, you must fill out and submit the Credit Card Payment Form and submit it together with the Alaska Articles of Amendment.

What To Do After You Change Your Alaska LLC Name?

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After you change an LLC name, it is important to update the new details across various aspects of your business.

You need to take care of the following:

  • The internal revenue service
  • Alaska business license department to obtain a new business license
  • Alaska Department of Revenue
  • Alaska tax department
  • Financial institutions like banks and credit unions
  • Your LLC bank account
  • Your branding and other marketing materials

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How Much Does It Cost To Change an LLC Name in Alaska?

It costs $25 to change an LLC name in Alaska. This amount is for processing the Articles of Amendment, and there's another $50 to obtain new professional licensing with the new LLC name.

How Long Does It Take To Change an LLC Name in Alaska?

It takes 10-15 business days to change an LLC name in Alaska by mail. This is the total time the DCCED takes to receive, approve and mail your Alaska Articles of Amendment.

Do You Need Help Changing Your Alaska LLC Name?

If you need to change your Alaska business name but don't know where to start and which documents to file, the IncFile LLC service can help you.

With IncFile, you enjoy swift and low-cost filing services that guarantee your Articles of Amendment are handled promptly and correctly as per the Alaska state guidelines.

In addition to filing your Articles of Amendment, IncFile also offers a variety of other legal filings, from annual reports and new Alaska business license registration to tax filing and yearly compliance to keep your business in the right legal shape.



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