Bay Area’s Budding Tycoons: Nonprofit Fuels Kidpreneurs’ Dreams

Last updated: December 16, 2023

In the Bay Area, a local nonprofit is fueling the dreams of pint-sized entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the resources to launch their businesses. Among these young tycoons is seven-year-old Elliot Perez, the proud owner of Fluff Puffs And Other Stuff, a business selling everything from pillows to paintings and bracelets.

Nonprofit Fuels Kidpreneurs' Dreams
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Perez’s inspiration? None other than George Washington Carver. “I was very interested in making pillows because like the other famous people, like George Washington Carver, made pillows so I was like, ‘Wow, I want my own business.’” His products have already touched hearts, with one customer even choosing to be buried with a Fluff Puff due to his deep affection for it.

Perez’s business, like many others, has been given a boost by The Kidpreneur Club, a nonprofit started by Danielle Cannon. The organization hosts children’s business fairs, providing a platform for these young entrepreneurs, aged six to 16, to sell their products.

From juices to teddy bears, the range is vast and the quality impressive. “The products are getting more professional and complicated enough that they can be sold in a store with adult products and nobody would know they were made by kids,” Cannon said.

The Kidpreneur Club’s approach is as unique as the businesses it supports. “The whole idea of the nonprofit was that it is led by the kidpreneurs and their families and what they’re needing in their personal lives. It’s not a one plan fits all. Just like entrepreneurship is not a one plan fits all,” Cannon explained.

The next business fair, the Kidpreneur’s Holiday Market, is set for Saturday, Dec. 16 at B&B Theatres located at The Grove 16. Despite the weather, the show will go on, offering a glimpse into the future of entrepreneurship, one Fluff Puff at a time.

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